“Blair” turtleneck cotton collar

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“Blair” turtleneck cotton collar


Rib-knitted turtleneck cotton collar lined with Iontex®. The soft and comfortable collar keeps the neck, chest and shoulders comfortably warm without the bulk of a full sweater. Convenient to wear under other clothing or outerwear. Our textile technology may offer a therapeutic effect by promoting blood flow in the neck, upper chest and upper spine. The warmth of the knit together with the reflected infrared energy can help to keep muscles supple and flexible. The effect may also be helpful in alleviating discomfort and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. The neck features a faux leather badge with the Back on Track insignia. Available in black. • Benefits of Iontex® • Therapeutic effect • May reduce tensions in neck and shoulders • Stylish and comfortable • Provides warmth without bulk

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"Blair" turtleneck cotton collar

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